Josh Hultberg speaking with student

July 02, 2019

Transformative Pathway to Success

 Josh Hultberg, CNC Machining instructor at Anoka Technical College just finished his first year teaching and his first time ever in the role of instructor. Still, his relationship with Anoka Tech has a much deeper history. Josh’s first exposure to Anoka Tech was during his time at Secondary Technical Education Program (STEP).

STEP, part of the Anoka-Hennepin School District, opened its doors on the Anoka Tech Campus in 2002. The school operates as a middle place between high school and college, helping students prepare for today’s high-tech, high-skill workplace. Through STEP and its partnership with Anoka Tech, Josh participated in the Welding program.

“I think the partnership with STEP and other K-12 schools are important because, unless an effort is made to reach out and educate, many will not even know these trades exist,” reflected Josh. “Many will not even realize you can make a great living being a machinist, welder, etc…”

After finishing his STEP program, Josh entered the workforce, but found himself in a self-described “how-close-am-I-to-broke” state-of-mind. With the support and encouragement from his boss at the time, Josh headed back to school. In 2013, Josh completed a degree in CNC Design and Manufacturing. With a two-year commitment, Josh saw an immediate return on his investment.

“By being educated, my dollar-per-hour value increased,” said Josh. “This translated into me pursuing some of my bucket-list goals and took a lot of pressure off.”

Josh’s most notable life experiences so far have been a five-day backpacking hike to Machu Picchu and purchasing and learning how to use his own paramotor (motor-powered paragliding) to explore the skies.

Each of these experiences were made possible through his hard work and training at Anoka Tech.

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